Friday, February 26, 2010

A biography of Sandro Rosell

On Wednesday 10 March, Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell will take part in a debate at the Global Sports Forum, a sports conference that will be held in Barcelona. The organizer has put this biography of Rosell online:

Born in Barcelona on 6.3.64. Degree in Business Administration and MBA at ESADE. In 1990, he started working in the international marketing department of the Organization Committee of the 1992 Olympic Games, as person responsible for the international sponsors.

In 1993, he was the Spanish director of Swiss company ISL, a sports marketing company and the comercial agent for the IOC, FIFA, FIBA, UEFA and IAAF, as well as of the LFP.

In 1996, he joined multinational Nike, as person responsible for the sports marketing in Spain and Portugal, a position he held for three years. He was the architect of the contract with FC Barcelona, which is still in force.

In 1999, he went to Rio de Janeiro and worked there as Nike's Sports Marketing Manager for Latin America. Among others things, he closed the deal between Nike and the Brazilian Football Federation.

He came back to Spain in 2002 and founded the company Bonus Sports Marketing (BSM), which works in the sports marketing field. Among other important projects, he has developed Football Dreams.

This project is now in its third edition and takes place in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The main goal is to use football to help the social development of the African continent.

Sandro Rosell was also Vice-President of FC Barcelona for two years (2003-2005).

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  1. Pep, do you remember when Ronaldo moved to Inter there was a lot of talk about Nike or the sponsors for Ronaldo back. But if we signed a deal with Nike in 96 then why would Ronaldo's sponsors have been a problem? Was Rosell involved in any of that?

  2. well, the text doesn't really say the contract was already signed in 1996, kamikaze. that was the year when rosell -uhm- signed for nike. and since ronaldo left in 1997, it could well be that there was no deal at that time.

  3. The deal was signed in 1997, before Ronaldo left. As far as I remember the problem was the renewal of Ronaldo and Núñez couldn't reach an agreement with the player.

  4. well yes, the official club explanation at the time was that nunez (who has always had a very strict salary policy) didn't want to give ronaldo the raise he wanted.

  5. I am sure I didn't imagine it. There were some murmurings about Ronaldo being sponsored by Nike and how he had to sport another logo while playing for Barca.

    Just checked, Wikipedia has Kappa as the kit sponsor for Barça till 98 but it also has Umbro as the sponsor for Inter at that time. Will have to dig a bit more to check this.

  6. "In 1997 a new deal between Ronaldo and his last club Barcelona broke down, allegedly over the way Nike and the club would split the £30 million needed to keep him there Ronaldo was then linked to other clubs.

    Eventually, again in mysterious circumstances, Ronaldo signed for the £125 million Nike-sponsored club Inter Milan. It seems that Ronaldo, in Nike's eyes, is far from being a human being, but merely anoth- er source of profit, like a factory, or their Vietnamese workers on £1 a day. "

  7. Not to worry Pep, I wont allow them to libel your neutrality without good reason.

    This is from a book: Football : The Sociology of the Global Game by Richard Giulianotti pg 89 (bottom) and 90.

    I can't copy it but it says that Inter took on Nike sponsorship after buying Ronaldo and sold 35 000 shirts with his name on the back within 10 days. Also that at the time it was unclear if the player was owned by Inter or Nike.

    What was Sandro upto at the time ?

  8. this asks for some investigation journalism, kamikaze... ;)