Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Former vice-president Ingla will run for president

Catalan weekly paper El Triangle claims that former Barcelona marketing and sports vice-president Marc Ingla [picture, on the left] has decided to take part in the elections for president of FC Barcelona, that will be held on Sunday 13 June of this year.

Ingla would take over the project of former Barcelona economic president Ferran Soriano, who announced last week that he would not head a list in the upcoming elections (read more here). Ingla would make an official statement announcing his candidacy in the coming days.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claimed yesterday that Ingla, who is reportedly on vacation in the Alps, was still thinking about a possible candidacy while being in constant contact with former Barcelona first vice-president Albert Vicens.

Although he is aware of the time pressure, Ingla wouldn't have a concrete deadline in mind and the fact that Soriano would agree, or not, to be part of his candidacy as a board member would not be a decisive element in his final decision.

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  1. Esta noticia no es de Mundo Deportivo de ayer.
    La dio SPORT el pasado sábado, incluso en portada. A ver si somos justos.

  2. como siempre, somos justos, anonymous...

    hablas de un otro noticia, que nostros hemos publicado el sábado, en que sport decía que ingla estaba "estudiando" la opción.

    hoy, el triangle dice que ha tomado la decisión, que es una otra noticia. y ayer, miguel rico decía en el mundo deportivo que estaba estudiandolo en los alpes.

    aquí tienes la noticia del sábado:
    Former vice-president Ingla considering to run

  3. translation:

    it was said that my report isn't right and that it was sport who gave the news on saturday and not mundo deportivo.

    i answered that we have already treated the sport report (that said that ingla was studying the option) on saturday, but that these are the latest reports from today (el triangle) and yesterday (el mundo deportivo).

  4. Guess some good news for us Soriano fans.

  5. I el senyor Ingla amb qui pactarà? amb el Ferrer? La única alternativa al continuisme i el galactisme és l'Agustí Benedito!

  6. laporta called soriano a traitor in his book :O

  7. we'll have a story on laporta's book soon, anonymous :)