Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update on Ferrer-Benedito joint candidacy

I think it's time to tell you

that the reliable source inside the Benedito candidacy

who told this blog everything (but really everything...) about

the joint candidacy of Barcelona presidential candidates Jaume Ferrer and Agustí Benedito

was in fact...

this guy:


  1. Hahaha !! I knew it. Thats why I didn't comment on that post. There is no way Benedito's candidacy is compatible with totalitarian Laporta supported Ferrer candidacy.

  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, although it was not serious, somebody who knows a lot about things, just told me they actually háve been talking and that in the end my "joke" could turn into reality...

    just imagine... :-DDD

  3. lol, do you think the same trick could work twice. I ll take your word for it in May.

  4. good one. glad it isnt about soriano backtracking, i would have freaked out.

  5. for once, i was serious, kamikaze... :-(

    and the word "could" is important! we will see what happens after the elections are officially called, who gets the signatures and what the polls say.

  6. It really was impossible Benedito to join him.