Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rosell preparing election stunt

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that former Barcelona sports vice-president and presidential candidate Sandro Rosell has prepared a "surprise that will go around the world".

The plan of Rosell, which he would only reveal at the end of the election campaign, will reportedly cause a bigger impact than the two big transfers Barcelona president Joan Laporta could announce before the elections on 13 June.

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  1. pep, do you have any idea what he means by the surprise?
    i hope he doesn't mean bringing in new players.
    im really not into chopping and changing the team and breaking the bank. but i guess he did mean new players cause he talked about "transfers".
    i hope he doesn't break the bank to get mega stars. all i want for xmas(summer) is VILLA.

  2. getting ronaldinho back? now that would go around the world! buying villa wouldn't, i guess...

  3. no, i have no idea, barca96...

  4. I guess Pato & Ribery

  5. don't think it's about transfers, should be something else.

  6. As you said, a Globetrotter news will be something like Pep's back on battle field or something like Ronaldinho...just kidding!

  7. i misunderstood. fcbee is right. it might not even be about transfers.
    it says "reportedly cause a BIGGER impact than the two big transfers Barcelona president Joan Laporta could announce before the elections on 13 June."

    so it's clear now that laporta will make 2 big signings.
    cesc definitely. but dear god, let villa be the 2nd one.

    so if it's about transfers, what could it be?
    putting barca on the stock market?
    putting sponsor on the jersey?
    i mean what else could it be that will cause a big surprise???im losing sleep over this matter.

  8. the option that it's just press talk is also there, so i wouldn't lose too much sleep over this one, barca96... :-D

  9. im still not sure pep.
    i mean, rosell could really change a lot of things about our club..i hope it's for the better.
    what i would not want is,
    -build a new stadium
    -sell the little stadium
    -put sponsor on our jersey
    -put the club in the stock exchange
    -changing the youth director

  10. I'm not sure Sandro is stupid enough to put a sponsor on the shirt. He has to know every Cule would be against it. Still, I hope Rosell isn't our next president. We should keep things the way they are and that means Ferrer.