Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Pundit: Josep M Fonalleras on strategy Rosell

« The discrete strategy of Sandro Rosell seems to be the winning one even before he presents his candidacy. I don't know if it's arabic or chinese, but the saying seems to be perfectly valid: "Sit down on the doorstep of your house and watch the corpse of your enemy pass by." »

Josep M. Fonalleras,


  1. is he a poet?
    very nicely said!

  2. for sure its a clever campaign strategy. not sure i like it though, its too calculating. what if the other candidates also used the same approach, what would happen to the voters, would they be able to choose intelligently not knowing what these candidates are all about?

    rosell says he will speak after the elections are officially called, well then i hope he's got a really good project bec the downside of his tactic is that people would be expecting outrageously good things. if he cant deliver on that then woe to him.

  3. barca96:

    he's an author and opinion writer

  4. anonymous:

    it's calculating, but i guess all campaign strategies are calculating. people starting to talk early also do that because they think that strategy suits them best.

    i also want discussion about the projects and the future of the club so hope there will be time for that during the last month before the elections.

  5. thanks pep!
    btw, are you a journalist?

  6. no, i'm not a professional. this is a hobby project... ;-)