Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ferrer and Benedito to form one candidacy

This blog can reveal that Barcelona presidential candidates Jaume Ferrer and Agustí Benedito have last weekend reached a principal agreement to join their candidacies ahead of the elections in June. The news was confirmed to us by a reliable source inside the Benedito candidacy.

The two candidates would have started talking after polls of the Ferrer candidacy showed that a Ferrer-Benedito project would clearly defeat the current favourite in the elections, former Barcelona sports vice-president Sandro Rosell, if there wasn't a third serious candidacy showing up.

Benedito and Ferrer know each other from the time Benedito was a member of the club's sports and social commissions. At a certain moment, Ferrer was the director responsible for the non-football sections of the club while Benedito was involved with the basketball team. Since then, the two have a close relationship.

After the basic deal on a co-operation, Ferrer and Benedito will now have to finalize a joint program and find an agreement on who will be part of the board. The joint candidacy will clearly distance themselves from Barcelona president Joan Laporta, which would include the dismissal of current Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver. The positon of sports director Txiki Begiristain would still be under discussion.

Ferrer would lead the project and would be the candidate to become president. His right-hand man, current Barcelona director Jordi Torrent, would be first vice-president, while Benedito would be second vice-president and have a lot of freedom to implement his ideas on the social area of the club.

Benedito would have asked to insert a clause in the deal that Ferrer wouldn't stand for re-election if the candidacy wins in June, which would allow Benedito to run himself for president in 2016. Although there's not yet an agreement on the issue, Ferrer doesn't exclude the option, since he would at that time have been a member of the board for thirteen years, since 2003.

If everything goes as planned, Ferrer and Benedito could call a press conference in the second week of April. If the negotiations between the two parties would take longer, a public announcement could be postponed until the end of April of the beginning of May and depend on the performances of the team.

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  1. Carrer de CorsegaApril 1, 2010 at 7:36 AM

    What's the date today?!

  2. Think it would be a good option, seems both of their projects are quite similar: keeping the current model but invest more time in the relationship with the members and the fan clubs.

  3. Looks also a quite logical move to me actually. Good job!

  4. thanks guys... :-)

    for sure: know this since tuesday evening and didn't want to publish it on match day yesterday.

  5. Benedito is the only way!! Without Ferrer... of course!

  6. So it's not an April Fool's joke? Come on.

  7. Això és un trola que no és creuen ni l'amic del Sandro que fa aquest blog

  8. :-)))

    fue una inocentada, anonymous. el 1er de abril es el dia de los inocentadas en el resto del mundo.

    lo de los amigos es un tema muy catalán. los de fora no pensamos así. simplemente informo a los culés del mundo sobre el proceso electoral. cuando estás neutral, los no-neutrales te ven como un amigo del oponente. es lo que hay.... :-)

    un saludo, bona pasqua!

  9. translations pep? please....
    btw i thought ferrer was with the continuity