Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MotoGP businessman possible vice-president Rosell

Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu claims that Catalan businessman Manel Arroyo could become the economic vice-president of FC Barcelona if presidential candidate Sandro Rosell is elected in the upcoming elections.

Last month, it was said that former Barcelona director Xavier Faus was the main candidate of the Rosell candidacy to become economic vice-president (read more here).

Manel Arroyo is the 49-year old managing director of Dorna Sports, an international sports management and marketing company, that is among other things the exclusive holder of all commercial and television rights of the MotoGP World Championship since 1992.

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  1. isnt there some kind of conflict of interest (or speculative interest, i dont know how to call it) in the people that could come into the board with a Rosell victory? i mean this one is into tv rights, one other is into managing sports facilities, others into sports management, whatever that means, and etc. call me suspicious but i would defo hate it if the club falls into the hands of people that would only milk it for their own personal profit.

  2. you touch a very good point, anonymous. one rosell will certainly have to reply to during the campaign.

    there's obviously a danger there. on the other hand you could say: they are very well skilled in some areas, so they can also help the club there.

  3. true that, am sincerely hoping it would be a case of help the club and not help themselves to the club. thanks pep. hmm i see my comment posted twice..