Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cruyff doesn't see link nomination-elections

Asked why some people link his nomination as honorary president of FC Barcelona to the upcoming elections, former barcelona player and coach Johan Cruyff has said in an interview with the club's official media that he doesn't understand the connection that is made:

"I have no idea why people link this nomination with the elections. Laporta already thought about this a couple of years ago, but then there was the whole process of changing the statutes so that a president could only serve two terms of six years.

Maybe back then, people could have thought about electoral motives because there are a lot of cynical people out there. I see no relation at all between Joan Laporta, myself and the elections because he can not take part."

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  1. He also said a few things about Guardiola what many culés already know:

    "One should also remember that Laporta has never interfered in any coaching decisions. He has placed all his confidence in Txiki and in Pep and has talked to me about how things are going. If you look at the rest of Spain all the other presidents are involved in every area. Pep does have his doubts about who the next board will be."

    "On the sporting front he has things just how he wants and he should be given that responsibility and be left to organize everything how he wants. Not like the board wants."

    And he offered his help to those candidates who needs it:

    "I think that players like myself, who have so much experience, can help the club in an organisational way. For over ten years I have run a company dedicated to this. My question is which of the future candidates will come to my office? Only to find out how it is done and to know how to run a big club like Barça. A bit of experience is never bad, but nobody has come yet."

  2. very dramatic pic of cruyff, i like it. was this taken during his crowning erm investiture?