Saturday, April 10, 2010

[2003] Laporta and Rosell will co-lead candidacy

source: el mundo deportivo, saturday 12 april 2003, page 14

'American' candidacy

Sandro Rosell is part of and co-leads the group of Joan Laporta

The group of young professionals that is led by Joan Laporta and Sandro Rosell is ready to present their candidacy, but will only do so when the elections are called. The plan is to organize an american-style candidacy, in which all the media intention won't be focused on the candidate. The leadership will be shared by two or more people.

This association of around twenty friends and prestigious professionals has been working for a long time to offer a real alternative, that completely 'breaks' with the past, to arrive at the presidency of FC Barcelona. The group is completely independent, they have no relationship at all with any other group. It is also an open candidacy.

The presence of Sandro Rosell, a former senior executive at Nike and now a consultant, opens some options for the group. Sandro, the son of a former general director of Barça, maintains a relationship of mutual respect with former president Núñez and of friendship with his children. That could be an advantage to try to solve the lack of sympathy the former president feels for Laporta, whom he still sees as the leader of 'Elefant Blau'.

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  1. co-leadership woah interesting, thanks for digging this up. is that semantics or was there some informal agreement they would co-lead the club even after elections were won? cos obviously the open candidacy had to end at some point but could be they agreed and its why rosell became bitter bec laporta didnt keep his word and etc etc.

  2. i think the co-leadership was in the first place about the campaign. but it also seemed clear from the start that rosell in the sports area and soriano in the economic area would really be the leading men.

    but keep reading, there is more interesting stuff to come on this 2003 candidacy... :-)