Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Majo stepping out of Minguella-Medina project

Catalan sports paper Sport reports that former presidential candidate Jordi Majó (picture, on the left) will not join a presidential candidacy that would include, among other people, former presidential candidates Josep Maria Minguella (picture, on the right) and Jordi Medina (read more here).

The group of people would have been holding contacts for a while trying to form a candidacy. The idea is said to have been that the three former candidates would become vice-presidents and that they would offer another person to lead the project.

Catalan journalist Xavier Bosch was reportedly the first to reject the offer to head the candidacy because of personal reasons (read more here) and later contacts that were started with two former players also didn't yet lead to concrete results.

Majó would now have finally decided not to take part in the candidacy because he don't believe any longer in the project, and would yesterday have informed his entourage about his decision. The Catalan businessman confirmed the news to the paper:

"I have spoken with pre-candidates and potential pre-candidates and if I now reveal the project with Minguella that is because he has been the first to disclose it publicly. I would have preferred that it wouldn't come to light, as this forces me to take a position and I have decided not to continue.

I maintain a good personal relationship with Josep Maria, but there are differences of opinion and I do not feel comfortable in a candidacy that advances in a way that doesn't convince me. I think my decision is the most honest thing I can do."

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