Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rosell wants to cancel sports director

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell doesn't want to appoint a new sports director if he would be elected as president of FC Barcelona in the elections later this year.

The former sports vice-president would plan to offer Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola the full responsibility of the sports area, including the transfers and the youth academy.

Rosell would take care of the business side of the sports area while current Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain, whose contract epxires at the end of this season, would have the leave and wouldn't be replaced. In case Guardiola wouldn't continue at the club, Rosell would appoint a new coach and a new sports director.

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  1. wouldnt that be too much work/responsibility for a coach? who would negotiate for example? or is it perhaps that mr rosell would like a bit of intervention in this regard? just asking.

  2. @ anonymous

    i think the main objection would be that guardiola has said last month that he has enough work and that he doesn't want more powers.

    it is expected that rosell will appoint his right-hand man, former director josep maria bartomeu, as sports vice-president. it's unclear what this would mean towards rosell intervening himself in transfer negotiations.

  3. let's face it, with Rosell, you don't need a Sport director or vice sport director. Just surround yourself with scouts and do it yourself. Just wonder if Pep will agree with Rosell buying too many Brazilians.

  4. So basically Rosel would only do this for Guardiola. If Guardiola leaves, he will then appoint a new sport director. This means that this position will still exist, but he only gives to Guardiola if he stays. In another word, nothing new, just another way to kiss Guardiola's ass in hope to buy some votes.