Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ferrer: "I started thinking about this a year ago"

Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu.

A little more than a month ago you announced that you would run for president of Barça. What are your feelings now?
In fact, things were clear to me a whole time before. But since the announcement, I think people are more aware of it, I feel a lot of enthusiasm and I'm very motivated to make it to the final vote and to win the elections.

You said that you were considering this for a while. When did you think for the first time about the possibility of leading a continuity project?
I didn't think about it until a year ago. It was clear to me that this project still had something to give and that it needed some renewal to go ahead. I also was motivated to do this myself and the support of my board colleagues in the end convinced me.

I suppose that you then hoped to lead a single candidacy and to be the heir of Laporta.
More than being the heir of Laporta, what I thought was that there would be one list coming from this board, which would have been the most recommendable thing to do. However, for everyone who wants that it is legitimate to run, so that's fine.

You totally exclude a deal with Alfons Godall?
It is very difficult. I don't like to close any door, but the deal should have happened a lot earlier. For several reasons it wasn't to be and now it is almost impossible.

During the talks with Godall, he took a very tough stand regarding accepting people like Albert Perrín and Jacint Borràs to be part of his candidacy?
I would say that he had some very clear ideas about his candidacy and there were people from the current board that he did not want by his side. And that's no problem, it's his choice. But I did believe that we had to count on them, and this is one of the points where we couldn't reach an agreement.

So the differences were more about people than about the project.
Yes, the project is the one we have build and used since 2003. As for the sports area, we believe in the same structure: a sports director, a strong coach, a lot of investments in the youth academy... And regarding the economic area, we both agree on the global expansion of the club, on the search for new revenues in order to be able to pay the squad... We certainly agree on all this, whereas in the social area, I possibly would like to change some things, bringing us a bit come closer to the club member.

Xavier Sala i Martín explained a few days ago that during all the difficult moments the club has lived since 2003, Alfons Godall has always been in favour of what appeared to be the right decision. What was your position at those moments?
We've all supported the good and the bad decisions, because this is a board where everything is decided by common consent. We all have had the same responsibility regarding the management of these past seven years, Alfons, myself and the other directors, both those who are there now and those who aren't here anymore.

It bothers you that Laporta supports Godall?
I shouldn't have an opinion on that. He is free to do so. I understand it because they are lifelong friends and, in fact, this is one of the things that differentiate me from Alfons. He has a much stronger personal bond with Laporta.

At some times over the last years, Laporta made you think that he would support you as a leader of a single candidacy?
Frankly, we did never talk in those terms.

You were invited to assist the presentation of the candidacy of Godall?
I don't think so. I think they invited people by mobile phone messages and I didn't receive one. But I find it normal because such an event is not about inviting all pre-candidates.

From the directors who have not yet made a decision, you think one of them will end up supporting you?
The doors are open for them since they are all part of the many successes of recent years.

And we suppose people from outside the club will also be added to your list.
Yes, we believe that it is very important to bring in new people, who can give us renewed energy. There are people from various fields who are motivated to serve Barça.

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