Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guardiola will sign renewal after elections

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said that Barcelona manager Joseph Guardiola, whose current two-year contract expires later this year, will continue at the club next season:

"We are here to announce that Josep Guardiola will be the coach of Barça's first team next season. We had a meeting yesterday and Pep informed me about his wish to continue at least one more year. The new contract will be signed with the new president but Pep gave his word that he will stay. The next president and Guardiola will agree on the terms and the conditions of the contract."

Guardiola said at the meeting with the press that, given the circumstances, this was the best decision he could made: "I think it's a very good thing that the new president knows how I see this and that he lets me know how he sees it. The new president now already knows he has a coach and with him, I will negotiate the new contract.

If there wouldn't be 'feeling' we will analyze things but I don't see why that should be the case. If he doesn't want me, there won't be any financial compensation. I get paid to work, not for not working. We'll talk about the duration later, it could be more than one year, but I anyhow think the coach of Barcelona has to renew for short periods."

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  1. Quote of the day: "The continuity of Guardiola is the eight title. The seventh was the 2-6 at the Bernabéu."

    Joan Laporta, Barcelona president on whether the verbal agreement with Guardiola is the seventh title.

  2. And the 9th the recovery of Milito...

    It's not a real election quote though ;)

  3. Yeah, it's rather a general quote. :)

  4. Caye wasted no time to make a cartoon about this quote. :)

  5. wait a minute. do i take it to mean that its only a gentleman's agreement? thats not even something that can be formally acted on by the present board, what more the next? is this a stunt?

  6. guardiola's word is worth more than any agreement, Anonymous.