Thursday, January 21, 2010

Laporta denies electoral motives behind renewal Guardiola

Asked if the agreement on the continuation of Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola had been influenced by the election process, Barcelona president has said at yesterday's press conference that he just acted as president of the club:

"The electoral process has nothing to do with all this. We had a responsibility, the club needed to have certainty about who would be the coach next season.

This deal allows us to stay very calm and if I would put myself in the shoes of the possible candidates, I think they will have the peace of mind of knowing who will be the coach and only having to worry about setting the conditions and the duration of his contract."

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  1. did something happen there? i was surprised at the suddenness of pep's decision. just last week he was saying he would prefer to wait till after the end of the season (smth he mentioned again to the journalists).

  2. @ Anonymous

    i don't think he explicitly said that he wanted to wait until after the season (although that's probably what he wanted), but the presuure from the media and the fans was just becoming too much.

    and it would only have grown and be more discussed with no midweek games after the cup elimination.

    so he showed he can also be flexible, he changed his initial plan and did what was best for the club. and today he killed the last bad interpretations of it all at a new press conference.