Saturday, January 23, 2010

Poll result: Best Barcelona president ever?

Who do you think has been the best president in the history of Barça?

Josep Lluís Núñez 45,6%
Joan Laporta 25%
Joan Gamper 11,2%
Agustí Montal 3,8%
Francesc Miró-Sans 3%
Montal Galobart 2,4%
Others 1%
Don't know/Don't answer 8%

total votes: 1000
date poll: 11 to 14 enero 2010
poll method: telephone inteviews with club members who have the right to vote, 95% certainty
source: diari gol

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  1. Josep Lluís Núñez??? wow? guess people either hate Laporta that much or forgot all the bad things Núñez did too.

  2. third option: the poll was carried out by an anti-laporta weekly...