Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Live Coverage: Twitter chat session Sandro Rosell

At 9 pm Barcelona time, a one-hour Twitter chat session with Sandro Rosell will start. This blog will try to cover the session live by translating the answers published at Rosell's twitter account.



* Sandro Rosell ready for the chat. At the right of the picture you see Rosell's brother Sergi, at the left internet entrepreneur Didac Lee. *


Good evening, I'm here with the friends of my 2.0 Council to start the chat with all of you.

There will be things you will ask me that I won't reply now since we're not yet campaigning. We'll have time to talk about that later on.


Foster, the sports area, the economic area, the social area, everything that has to do with the future of our club we of course want to maintain or improve!

Will you count on Guardiola?
What is functioning well won't be touched, I will do my best to improve the other things.

What has been your reaction when you heard about the renewal of Pep Guardiola?
It's very good news. Thanks Pep.

Will you keep Guardiola?
Great idea, if you allow me and there are no copyright problems, I will include it in my election program.

Sandro Rosell is a Mac user!!!
I have bought my first Mac in 1983 and it was a Plus, who worked on floppy discs without hardware.


You created the media phenomenon Brazil.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the media phenomenon Brazil was created by the beaches, the caipirinhas, the carnaval and the football, not by me...

After the interview published today by Expansión: can Barça be presided part-time?
Expansión asked if it "was possible", which doesn't mean I would do it. I will dedicate the time that is needed.

I'm replying as fast as I can...

You already have your board team?
We almost have the people in place.

About the access to the stadium, when will they take into account the tall people?
The stadium should be accessible for everyone.


Hello from Poland (yes, we have socis here;))! How are you going to improve situation of cules and socios who live abroad?
New Technologies, like Twitter and Web 2.0 Platforms will help to be closer, but we want you in Camp Nou...

Will you continue with Unicef on the Barça shirt (we hope so), also when an attractive economic offer comes in?
FCB is a club of solidary people and money isn't everything in life.

What will you do so the culés from outside Catalonia no longer feel distanced like is happening now with Laporta?
ALL club members of Barça are club members of Barça


as your campaign for president is very web 2.0, can supporters expect a 2.0 BarÇa?
yes, of course, FCB has to be first in the world in everything, and technology is not an exception

would you accept to hold a television debate with the other presidential candidates?
yes, i think it's a good way to discuss the different election programs

laporta has acted in a catalanist way, something the club had lost along the way, do you want to continue that line?
Barça is a Catalan club, reaching out to all social classes and politically plural

which other sports do you like? will you and see the other sports teams of barça
i like all sports excpt cricket, so i will go and watch them all

what do you think about youth teams that have 30-40-50% foreign players
great question! i think until the age of 14 it's a bad thing. from 14 years on, it has to be analyzed more profoundly

how do you see the relations with espanyol?
barça has always been a gentleman's club and that has to be continued, we have to respect everyone

i have lived in brazil and they respect you a lot there. what do you remember from your time at nike there?
the people. i've learnt a lot and i've made friends forever. long live brazil!

you didn't want to sign eto'o not to harrass florentino. is that true? why don't you reply delicate questions?
it's not true. i did the first phone call with eto'o. i won't discuss election issues until the elections.

if you didn't yet present your campaign, why are you already campaigning on twitter?
i'm not campaigning, i'm talking with twitter friends. when i will campaign, we won't have enough mbytes

do you arrive on time when the second halfs start?
i always try to arrive on time, at all my appointments, and if they are as important as a barça game, even more

you remember the first barça game you went to?
i know i started going when i was 5 years old, but the first game i remember was when i was 9 years old, against granada

i think that a youth section in the stadium to cheer the team without stopping would be great
as a club member, i would be delighted if the liverpool fans would envy us

you also think that the presidential term of office should be a maximum of two terms?
i absolutely think so!


to a lot of people: the club structures depend on the talent of the people who fill the positions

what's the main quality of laporta?
that he's a culé

do you keep on training sandro? what's your marathon record?
yes, i keep on training, now i'm doing 10 km. the best time i set in london six years ago, 3:42h


it's 10pm. the interview ends?
ten more minutes, no?

when do you plan to present your candidacy?
the first day after the election are called

will we continue without women in the board of directors? what's your policy regarding this issue?
yes, but not because of quotas but based on personal and professional value

are you having bodyguards now?
no, no i don't have bodyguards, although i have been spied upon by detectives and that's very sad...

let's have the last one

several people have asked this: my club member's number is 12.556

thanks a lot to everyone for the time we spent together. and what do you think... the next one on facebook?

i will do an effort to reply to some more questions. today has been a great experience. thanks!

that's it, blog readers. hope some of you learned something...


  1. i want to ask question but dont know spanish...m from india any help?

  2. dude ask him if he will spend money on baketball team?if not then wats the point of having a billion dollar budget?

  3. sandro speaks good english go ahead

  4. but how am i supposed to ask him a question?he doesnt follow me on twitter only m fllwng him

  5. how are these guys asking him questions?

  6. ask him if he plans to buy big like perez

  7. his account:

    use this tag:

    lots of questions coming in apparently so don't count on an answer...

  8. I asked: In your campaign, Will you promise to buy any player or you will leave this job to the coach to choose whom to buy?

    But as Pep said, I am not counting to get a respond, especially that 1) I asked english. 2) its my first twitter chat, so not even sure if I did it right!

  9. i asked if he will renew luis enrique. in spanish...

  10. i saw your question, ramzi, so it definetely arrived ;)

  11. and he already answered two questions in english, one from poland and one from the us.

  12. hi, question from poland is mine. he answered, that twitter will hel us. veeeery strange answer. thousands people from poland are in camp nou every year. polish penya has over one thousand members. godall knows it, because he visited us last year and laporta knows it, because he met guys from polish penya many times.
    i know, that it was only 140 characters and "twittering with friends", but i'm a little disappointed.

  13. i think the communication about the event was bad, imerr. i talked with someone from his team last weekend and i kind of predicted what happened tonight.

    a lot of people wanted to know about his project but he doens't yet want to talk about it. so guess a lot of people are disappointed about not getting answers.

    i think the timing (and the communication) of the event wasn't the best one. although the idea was good and original, the execution could have been better.

  14. I think this twitter show up was just a "Killing time" promotion he used till Laporta decides when the election will be held so he star his election campaign program. Obviously he didnt want to open any hidden cards yet.

    And Pep, yea I learned from this experience not to waste my time on twitter chats, its not exactly the most user friendly :)

    Enjoy your time Gents!

  15. Alright Pep was faster mentioning what I wanted to say, in a better way...

    And you better give my question to that "someone from his team". I expect his respond in my email inbox by tomorrow, or else!

  16. Thanks alot for translating.

    Btw the women question sounds a bit strange.
    Wasn't he supposed to say no instead of yes.
    Or does he really mean he does NOT want women in the board because of personal and professional values??

  17. it wasnt so meaningful but still an interesting chat.

    thanks for translating, pep.

  18. @ Ramzi
    maybe we'll be able to ask some stuff later...

  19. @varrio and xaviniesta

    thanks, you're welcome!

  20. @varrio

    he most probably meant: yes, i want more women but not just because they are women but because they have the right skills

    in that perspective you can also read this previous blog post:
    Rosell wants three women in his board

  21. thanks to all the readers, the response was massive, best day of this blog so far (and by far), we'll try to do the same if rosell or any other candidate does something similar in the future.

    ps. edited some of the mistypes

  22. Great job Pep,
    I enjoyed reading his answers on time in English , actually I would like to thank you a lot for your fcb transfer blog and also the blog that developed after it; total barca .. its was a big problem for me and other people who wants to follow Barca but they don't speak Spanish ..

    the only missing thing is , articles .. last year you were providing us with great articles from different medias , now I don't find thaese things elsewhere .. before that blog , you had a blog made for articles only , it would be great if you continue it , even if you only post English articles if you don't have time to translate

  23. o yeah, me too!
    I also want to thank you Pep! I read this blog every day. Literally, every day. I read every sentence you write here. I'm very keen od Barca and elections, but I don't know Spanish.
    I don't comment, but I want you to know, that in may opinion and in opinion of my friends You do fantastic job!
    Once again thanks!

  24. Pep, is it allowed to translate whole your articles and and post on blogs in other languages?
    I know, that You often translate for example interviews from newspapers and you don't ask them for permission ;)
    But may I also translate these articles, where You review news from 10 sources?

    Of course every time I will visibly write, that you are the original author. With adress of this blog naturally.

  25. @ Romyan and Anonymous 1

    thanks, you're welcome!

  26. @ Romyan

    i don't fully get the "articles" thing. you mean for example the articles we had from the guardian and others? talk about it with the totalbarca guys, i'm sure they'll deal with it.

  27. @ Anonymous 2

    what's your site or blog? and who says i don't have permission for translating the interviews... ;)

    basically, you can do what you want, i guess. i'm not gonna send the internet police after you. i'll just share my point of view and explain what i think would be fair in terms of not taking advantage of the work of a fellow culé. and then it's up to you.

    first i think it's good that the news on this blog reaches as many as people as possible and in that perspective translation is basically a good thing.

    i also know translation can be hard work and that it is not a five-minute job (although you of course don't have to do the research anymore).

    i would say a fair thing would be:

    1. if you don't have publicity on your blog or site:
    a clear and visible mention (not somewhere below and in a supersmall size) of "" as original source of your post

    2. if you have publicity on your blog or site:
    a clear and visible link (not somewhere below and in a supersmall size) to "" that is indicated as original source of your post

    good luck!

  28. Let's have debates on TV3...they should at least make good crackovia material!

  29. @Carrer de Corsega

    I'm sure there will be debates. I just hope they are also broadcasted on radio...