Friday, January 22, 2010

Guixa won't make transfer promises

Asked if he will promise during the elections campaign that he will sign players, Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà has said in an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio that he doesn't plan to announce transfers in the coming weeks and months:

"I will sign the players the coach asks for. It's very easy to name this or that player. The bottom line is that every player wants to join Barcelona. I don't want to wave with faxes saying I will bring this one. I don't want to lie to the club member, I want seriousness, transparency and the approval of the coach."

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  1. I wish the other candidates would follow this example. But I don't think they will act like that.

  2. i think the candidates will very little talk about transfers this year. because the squad seems quite complete, but mainly because this time there's a coach and you can't start spreading names without the approval of guardiola (who won't talk about that).

    which doesn't mean there won't be any transfer talk. papers will take over the role of the candidates by spreading the rumours themselves, partly as a way to support certain candidates (as in "cesc will only join barça if ... is chosen president") and partly because they have to sell papers (and cesc on the frontpage sells more than guixa on the front page).

  3. and i forgot this note that goes with the post:

    the mentioning of the fax refers to the laporta-beckham case in 2003

  4. In the current situation he probably has a slim change of winning but he seems sincere, and I find his principles attractive.

    Ps to the blog writer(s): Great blog I enjoy it!

  5. @ Anonymous:

    thanks. if you like it, spread the word!

  6. Hey pep, regarding the Laporta-Beckham case, how much truth was in that promise of Laporta's? Did Laporta had any negotiations or contacts with Beckham at that time? Or was it all just a lie?

    And of course, thank you for this blog! I really enjoy it. Keep up the great work.

  7. @ Barcik

    thank you for reading!

    and i wasn't following things as close back then but from what i understand there would have been a deal with man united but not with beckham (which laporta also announced, i think). but beckham could already have signed for madrid at the time.

  8. they were dealing with that other guy, not SAF, forgot his name but he was making promises to barca but in the end couldnt deliver.

  9. Sandro, who was responsible of getting the player, announced that he is 80 % certain that Beckham will play for Barcelona. Few days before the player joined Madrid.

    So it wasnt just a Lie. Luckily it didnt work, so we signed Ronaldinho instead;)

  10. From my precious old library, just to keep things documented :)

  11. And here is the reaction of Rosell after Madrid signed Beckham and the BBC's summary of the whole transfer.

  12. great summary there, thanks!

  13. You're welcome.

    Laporta's opinion can also be found on that site too.

  14. Thanks for all the responses guys.
    Appreciate it.