Thursday, November 26, 2009

Who can vote in the elections?

Article 38 of the club's by-laws, entitled "Conditions for being an elector", enumerates the conditions to be able to vote in the elections for president of FC Barcelona and reads as follows:

Electors will be all members that satisfy all of the following conditions:

a) To be an adult and not legally incapacitated.

b) To have been a Club member for a minimum of one year.

c) Not to be on suspended membership.

d) To be included in the current Electoral Roll.

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  1. what are the other benefits for socis who don't live in Spain or Barcelona to be exact..
    Can they vote online btw?

  2. no, the online vote was proposed by laporta but his board didn't follow, read the full story here:

    discounts at the offical (online) shop is probably the main concrete advantage of being member.