Friday, November 27, 2009

Guixa to announce candidacy next week

Catalan university professor Jaume Guixà has sent a press release to the media to call a press conference for Wednesday 2 December.

The meeting with the press will take place in the Melià hotel in the centre of Barcelona at 11:15 am local time.

It is generally believed that Guixà will during the press conference officially confirm that he will be a candidate in the presidential elections of next year and that he will give further details about his project and his team.

Guixà has been a pre-candidate in the 2006 elections but wasn't then able to collect the necessary signatures of club members (read more here). This blog already revealed earlier this month that Guixà would take part in next year's elections for president of FC Barcelona (read more here).

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sources: efe, sport, el mundo deportivo


  1. pep just one question: what do you mean by pre-candidate? cos i noticed benedito is a declared one but he is also referred to as pre-candidate. when would these guys be considered official ones? thanks. great exclusive as usual.

  2. Thanks and good question, Xaviniesta.

    When I talk about past elections, "candidates" are the ones that were on the voting paper while "pre-candidates" refers to people who wanted to run but

    - or gave up to join another candidacy (like for example happened in 2000 when several pre-candidates like Jaume Llaurado or Gabriel Masfurroll ended up joining Joan Gaspart and in return became a vice-president in his board)
    - or didn't make the cut because they couldn't collect the signatures needed (like Jaume Guixa in 2006 or Jordi Medina in 2003 and 2006)

    When I talk about the current elections, I tend to use both the terms "pre-candidates" and "candidates" for people who have announced to run for the presidency.

  3. ah okay that clears it up, thanks. i wonder when laporta would pick his so-called heir. should be soon as rosell's campaign seems to be gathering momentum. its early days but cant help feelin he kinds of have the upper hand now.

  4. It's expected that the board will pick a candidate after the World Cup for Club in December, Xaviniesta.

    At the latest in January things should be clear. Not only regarding who will lead the candidacy but also regarding the question if all current directors - especially Ferrer - will join in.