Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rosell appointed as adviser of Nelson Mandela

Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia reports that Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell has in the past days been appointed as member of the advising council of the Mandela Day, a day to honor the legacy of former South Africa president Nelson Mandela and his values through volunteering and community service.

Rosell, who had the support of former International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch, will be in charge of organizing and supervising sporting activities for children in need in several countries. Earlier this month, the United Nations General Assembly formally declared 18 July, the birthday of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner, to be Mandela Day.

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  1. just curious. has rosell been involved with anything similar in the past?

  2. i meant humanitarian projects that were non fcb related :)

  3. I'm not really aware of Rosell being involved with anything similar in the past, Xaviniesta, although there are some vague bells ringing. Projects like this are linked to his work as sports marketeer and he might have done charity in that area before.

    Beside the volunteering, this particular job seems to give great possibilities for networking and looks very good on your cv.

  4. Yes Rosell is alreday involved on this endeavours since last year through his "Fotball Dreams" foundation together with it @

  5. Thanks for showing us the bells, Nacho!

  6. hmmm. his interest in the area seems fairly recent, altho its great on the cv for sure :)

    thanks for the link, nacho.