Saturday, November 21, 2009

Poll result: Who should be the board candidate?

Who should be Barça's continuity candidate?

Xavier Sala i Martín 64,16%
Alfons Godall 19,47%
Jaume Ferrer 16,37%

total votes: 226
start date poll: 13 november 2009
source: e-notícies

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  1. Interesting poll. I wonder on what basis Sala is so popular?

  2. I think he's just far more well-known than the other two, Marcel.

    He regularly appears on tv and radio shows to give his opinion on economic (and political) issues and on Barça. He's very outspoken, which makes him have more enemies but also more supporters.

    About Ferrer and Godall: despite that they are already in the board for seven years, people just don't know much about them. They basically don't even know the sound of their voice.

    At this point, it nevertheless looks like it's going to be Godall who will run as the board candidate with Sala as number two and Ferrer as number three. Although nothing has been decided yet.

  3. Yep exactly, colourful character with a colourful wardrobe :)

  4. although both are a little too colourful for my taste, it sure is a dream when looking for pictures for the blog.

    people can also check this interview where he talks about his jackets.