Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sala: "Godall should be the board candidate"

Speaking to Catalan radio station RAC 1, Barcelona director and treasurer Xavier Sala i Martín has made clear that he thinks there will be only one current board member running for president and that this should in his opinion be first vice-president Alfons Godall:

"I'm convinced there will be one continuating candidacy. It hasn't yet been decided who will lead that list, although Alfons Godall could be the right person. If it would depend on me, he would be our candidate but I would accept it if Jaume Ferrer would be the one.

I think Godall could be a good president for the club. He has a more moderate profile than Laporta but he was always on the right side when crucial decisions have been made over the past six years, like the appointments of Txiki and Guardiola, the exit of Ronaldinho, the transfer of Eto'o... All that makes me trust him.

I've been working with him to prepare a candidacy and I'm sure the most critical board members, those who were said to be going their own way, will end up joining us. There always has been more consensus than people have been saying, the differences weren't as big. It's true that some directors were interested in leading a candidacy but there's no talk anymore about two board candidacies.

Our campaign sure won't be a dirty one. We won't spread lies, we don't control news media. We just want to show the people what we have achieved over the past years."

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