Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laporta meets with Obama campaign advisers

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has been in contact with Catalan political consultants Alex Terés and Jordi Segarra (picture below), who advised current United States president Barack Obama during the last months of his election campaign last year.

Laporta would have met several times with Terés and Segarra and although it's not clear if the meetings relate to Barcelona's upcoming elections or Laporta's possible entry in politics, the paper suggests that the financing of the campaign of the board's continuity candidacy led by vice-president Alfons Godall or director Xavier Sala i Martín could be based on the American fundraising model of gifts by supporters.

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  1. @ Pep

    I haven't read so much so far about Laporta and what he will do after he resign. I'm sure it is something within politics, but what specific area in politics do he want to go? In Catalunya or Spain, and what role?


  2. It's not sure what we will do, Sandvik. He's a lawyer, so guess he could again spend some more time on that, but it's generally believed he (also) wants to go into politics.

    Next year there are elections for the Catalan parliament and he might take part in those, although it's not really clear how: he could join an exisiting party, a recently formed platform or start his own movement.

  3. He pissed of the most powerful Catalan politicians. So up till now, its not the best start for his political ambitious. But you never know with this guy.

    "Its not sure what WE will do, Sandvik"

    So, Pep ended up being Laporta himself. And I was wondering where are all the inside-information coming from!

  4. I think he's just playing hard to get, Ramzi. Once he has made his decision, the lucky one will receive him with open arms.

    And I swear I changed that in "he", but then I saw another spelling mistake and I wanted to change that one, but then probably copy/pasting the first version instead of the second.