Monday, November 16, 2009

One board candidacy suddenly seems very likely

While all media last month seemed to agree that there could well be two current directors who would run for president next year (read more here), the two main Catalan sports papers today claim that one continuity candidacy seems again very likely after last Friday's board reshuffle (read more here).

This conclusion is drawn after vice-presidents Alfons Godall (picture, on the left) and Jaume Ferrer (picture, on the right) were both present at an event for local Barcelona fans clubs in the Catalan city of Premià de Dalt on Sunday and suggested that they are willing to be part of one candidacy.

"The moment has come to present a candidacy that unites the experience gained by several people. I do not know if I will be the number one, two or three, but I will take part in the project and I would be delighted if I would be the one leading it. With a good candidate, a good list and a good project, it's possible to win the trust of the club members.

We should end this term as united as possible so that we are able to present an inspiring project from within the club and the board because we believe that this board can go a long way. It is therefore crucial that there are no personal problems within the team to avoid the possibility of conflicts. I think that the last reshuffle of the board will have very positive effects."

"Godall would be a fantastic president, he would do very well. I haven't decided anything yet, but I would like to continue working for Barça the way I'm doing now. If Godall wants me to continue, there will be no problem to be part of the same candidacy. I feel very comfortable with him and in general I am feeling great. Alfons and I share the same idea about the club."

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Godall is seen as a figure who can unite all board members and that Ferrer would not join a candidacy that would be lead by director Xavier Sala i Martín. Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo observes that Ferrer didn't specify who should lead the continuity candidacy.

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  1. Can someone give the Godal profile? I mean - age, marital status, profesion, etc.

  2. I can give some of it, Anonymous:

    Age: 47
    Marital status: has a partner (who had a miscarriage a couple of months ago)
    Profesion: Real estate entrepreneur