Friday, October 16, 2009

Barcagate (10) - The fallout

When one will look back in one year from now at Barcelona's presidential elections that will have been held earlier that year, it seems very likely that the decision of Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver in March 2009 to order a detective agency to carry out an investigation regarding four Barcelona vice-presidents will be seen as a (and maybe as the) key moment.

When the discovery of the investigations by the four vice-presidents already made the choice of one continuity candidate very difficult, the public revealing of the affair now seems to have made it impossible that the current board will present one candidacy to the voters.

All media agree at this moment that there will most probably be two board members who will run for president: while Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall (or board member Xavier Sala i Martín) will be backed by current Barcelona president Joan Laporta, Barcelona marketing vice-president Jaume Ferrer would also be preparing a candidcay.

As a consecuence of that, the possibility that current board members will link up with board members who left the board since Laporta became president in 2003 would also have increased.

The race seems more open than ever.

this is the tenth and last part on the case. you can read the whole series here.

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barcelona chief executive joan oliver leaving the press conference during which he gave his version of the facts few hours after catalan newspaper "el periódico" published the story about the investigations on thursday 24 september 2009.

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