Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Catalan sports paper to be launched

Spanish news agency EFE claims that a new Catalan sports paper will be launched in January.

A source of the new project reportedly confirmed that former sports paper Dicen..., that definitely stopped in the mid-1980s, would now reappear and become the fourth Catalan sports paper, besides Sport, El Mundo Deportivo and El 9 Esportiu.

A Spanish investment group would have bought the rights on the title and plans to start the paper next year after having prepared the re-launch for two years. The plan is to start with a group of 30 journalists and they are at this moment negotiating the appointment of an editor-in-chief.

The new paper would cost 0,60 euros and socios of Barcelona would get a free suscription for the first three months. The source assured that the re-launch of Dicen... isn't directly linked with the upcoming presidential elections and that the club nor any of the presidential candidates are behind it.

This blog has been in contact with the journalist who wrote the story for EFE. It was confirmed to us that one of the key men behind the project is Ángel Blanco, who owned the rights on Dicen... for a few years and who was the editor-in-chief of the free Spanish sports paper El crack 10, that was stopped in 2006.

The plan would be to gain momentum with the presidential elections coming up next year, although Blanco denies to be linked to one of the presidential candidates and says that their pages will be open to all candidates.

Our source thinks that it's indeed not likely that a candidate would be behind this, although there could be doubts on the project that doesn't seem to be very concrete at the moment, despite the fact that an editor-in-chief would in the meantime have been chosen.


  1. Oh yeah, "this blog has been in contact with". Pep working on his network... :) Good job, man. Congrats with this new blog. Quality in every aspect!

  2. Interesting! What about el Periodico? I thought it was Catalan too...

  3. "El Periódico" is Catalan but is a general content newspaper, Omar. As are "La Vanguardia" and "Avui". "Dicen..." would be exclusively focusing on sports.

    Will be interesting to see (a) if this project effectively gets launched and (b) what their position would be in the campaign.

  4. "they are at this moment negotiating the appointment of an editor-in-chief."


  5. Lot of speculation linking us ith Luis Suarez... Do you think the board is really interested in him? Because Sport keeps on saying Robinho & El Mundo comes up with Suarez!!!
    But I definitely would say go for Suarez ;)

  6. That Suarez query meant to Pep luike in old days :)

  7. @Ramzi:

    Busted! Naaaaaaaaaah...

    And congratulations with your appointment at The Offside (although that Daryl guy is a dirty madridista in my opinion!!!).

    For people who are interested: Ramzi is setting two steps back from fcbtransfers to The Offside, in order to set five steps forward in the future, namely the launch of his own revolutionary five-star football project.

    Until the latter is ready, he will be part of the Barcelona blogging team at The Offside, where you can read his rambles from now on. Pay him a visit there. All the luck!

  8. @Anony:

    About Suarez:
    Once you're in the Barcelona rumour mill, it seems you can only get out if you sign for Real Madrid (as in the case of Benzema). I would guess that his agent has a good relationship with someone at El Mundo Deportivo...

    About Robinho:
    Txiki yesterday kind of admitted that Robinho is an option (also because he could play Champions League after January).

    About this blog and transfers:
    We plan to cover transfer news and rumours when they are in some way linked to the elections, which mainly would mean news relating to candidates linking up with players (posts on Cesc and Robinho are in the back of our head at the moment).

    Although the current squad is quite complete, so it's gonna be a bad year for that kind of rumours since it would be difficult to add something to the squad that would impress the voting fans. To the starting eleven, that is.

    If you want to read and discuss transfer news on a more daily basis, you can visit totalBarca or other news sites.

  9. And "Dicen..." is Spanish for "They say...".

  10. congrats ramzi, would defo stop by there :)

  11. Thanx Pep.

    Daryl contacted me after several readers recommended me to take over. So if he is a Madridista then isnt it good when they are in need for us? :D

    Though my new project is eating all the free time that I can offer. So I only promised to write the CL previews. Now that he collected a staff for the rest, we are kicking off.

    I am waiting things to settle in Totalbarca to do some rambling there as well. But short ones this time!

    My new simple (half-star) project will kick off so soon;)

    Now back to the topic I am only interested in because you started a blog about: Elections!

  12. Your blog is very interesting!

    "although Blanco denies to be linked to one of the presidential candidates"

    Who is "one of the presidential candidates"? Rosell? Soriano? Ferrer?

  13. Btw, Ramzi: if you have a ramble, big or small, that could fit here, feel free!

    vague suggestions:
    - is it a good thing that all presidential candidates agree on going after cesc (ok, you might do some recycling there...)?
    - kicking out txiki and giving absolute powers to guardiola: a good idea?

  14. Thanks, sumi!

    And with that phrase I meant to say that he told my contact that he is linked to none of the candidates. Pardon my English!

  15. Pep: Thanks for clarifying! :D (PS: I hope you'll soften up soon! :P)

    Ramzi: Hope to see you soon at totalBarca, work is still being done on the major redesign and hopefully completed soon. Good luck on your project!

  16. I'm such a softie, Omar. So if it was only was that... ;)

  17. Thanks for the offer, Pep.
    If I had anything worth sharing, I will cross it to the box.

    You raised tempting questions by the way...


  18. Great job , Pep.
    I was a big fan of transferblog and I felt totally lost after its end, now I visit many sites but none of them is as good as the former blog.

    Its good to have full coverage of the coming elections, in fact 5 stars coverage ;)
    But its bad that the main issue now is the spying reports, I thought the main issue would be how successful/failure this board was .. but its bad that the press come up with these reports

    Ramzi, I will follow you on offside, and please give us your previews and rambles very soon , its been long time now ..
    and .. good luck with your project

  19. Thanks, Romyan.

    I actually wanted to limit the spying coverage, but it more and more looks like it's going to be a key moment in the race. Anyway, after ten parts we'll end the series and start focusing on the daily news (which for sure will also include the further fall-out of the spying affair...).