Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poll Result: Do you believe the club's version?

Do you believe the version of Joan Oliver
regarding the presumed spying on four Barça vice-presidents?

No 71%
Yes 29%

total votes: 4085
start date poll: 24 september 2009
source: sport


  1. note:

    since most readers follow the events from a distance, it wouldn't be very useful to organize our own polls (maybe later we will), but we're gonna keep an eye on the polls that appear in the spanish and catalan media and inform you about the results.

    i think it might be a good way to get an idea about the atmosphere in catalonia and spain, which is particularly useful since most voters will come from there...

  2. The guy looks like he was spying even when the photo was taken :)

  3. Yeah, he is... :) There are also great pics of him at the Camp Nou where he always sits a few rows behind the vice-presidents (who sit in the row behind Laporta).

    This picture was taken on 24 September, the day El Periódico brought the news during the inauguration of the Kubala statue in front of the Camp Nou. I think (not totally sure) that he first gave his press conference and that he then joined in.

    The guy at the right is vice-president Jaume Ferrer. The guy more or less in the centre of the picture is vice-president Joan Franquesa. Vice-president Rafael Yuste was also there that day.