Friday, October 16, 2009

Decision on continuity candidate to be made later

Asked if there has been a discussion during this morning's board meeting on the continuity candidate in next year's elections, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said at a press conference today that it's still too early to talk about the matter:

"We didn't talk about that at all. We are focusing on governing the club and there will be enough time later to talk about everything related to the elections. Now it's clear to us that we just want to do what is necesary for the team to have again a great season.

I understand that there's some excitement because the elections are coming up, but we will leave the issue for later. We'll take up our responsibility and then later on, the people who want to participate in the elections, will make a free, personal and intimate decision."

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barcelona president joan laporta -right- and barcelona chief executive joan oliver -left- during a press conference earlier today.

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  1. note:
    laporta also confirmed joan oliver as chief executive, saying that no board member has asked for his dismissal.