Friday, November 20, 2009

The Quote: Samuel Eto'o

"The only thing I want is that the club would have a president who is up for the task. As a Barça fan, I'd ask both Alfons and Sandro to rise to the challenge."

Inter Milan forward Samuel Eto'o,
former Barcelona player (2004-2009)

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  1. note:
    alfons = alfons godall
    sandro = sandro rosell

  2. when he said as a Barca FAN!! note this, that why he's a LEGEND of Barca!!

  3. are barca players given automatic membership to the club, and if so, is it revoked when they leave or can they still vote like for example in sammi's case? silly question i know :)

  4. Good question, Xaviniesta.

    I don't know the exact rules. I might think they get it kind of automatically when they're a player and can keep it later when they pay for it? Could sound logical. If that would be true, Eto'o could vote next year if he renews his membership in the meantime.

  5. thanks :) but if sammi could vote then one thing is certain: he isnt voting rosell.