Friday, March 19, 2010

The Catalan Cave: Sergi Mas (Com Radio)

in this section, we ask catalan and spanish sports journalists five questions about the elections for president of fc barcelona. today: sergi mas from catalan radio station com ràdio.

1. Many people see Ferran Soriano as the main rival of the favourite, Sandro Rosell. Where does the fame of Soriano come from?
I don't know where the fame is coming from. But let me ask. Which fame? It might come from his phlegm and his correct behaviour, from not saying one bad word. I don't know. I don't know him either. I have no idea if he could be a great president or a great average one. I don't know. We don't know each other. I know little about him.

2. You have already interviewed the most important pre-candidates. As far as their personality is concerned, who did you like most?
I interviewed all but Soriano - if he runs - and Rosell, who hasn't done interviews. The best one is Benedito. Guixà has the best image, the most calculating one is Ferrer. Godall, although he swore it, won't be a candidate. But they all have a bad strategy. They're not going to the media. We only know them by phone or by interviews. You have to go to and meet the media, rather than the fan clubs, to allow the people to know you. Before you go to the fan club and the members, you must first pass through the media. But that's their problem and that of their advisers.

3. Production company El Terrat, for which you have worked, will be in charge of the communication of the campaign of Sandro Rosell. It that a wise decision?
Wise decision? We shall see in due course. I don't know. I will have an opinion when I see what they do. Rosell and his team are old enough to know if they're right.

4. You are a well-known Espanyol fan. How are the elections seen from the Espanyol antourage? People aren't interested in it or they have a preference in favour or against a candidate?
As an Espanyol club member, it doesn't interest me. As a journalist, I feel passionate about it. It would be better if the next one would be a president who brings people together and not a warrior.

5. Your program is very popular in Catalonia. When preparing or presenting your program, are you aware of the fact that you can influence the opinion and perhaps the vote of the club members?
You always know that what you say or express will go beyond the 4, 400, 4.000 or 40.000 listeners you have. Because besides the listener, you also have other media that spread the following day what you have been broadcasting. And people know that. You keep in mind that you can have an influence, but I'm not saying things to influence but so that the listener - whatever team he's a fan of - has more information about the fellow he's going to vote for.

THE EXTRAS If you were a club member of Barça, who would you vote for or certainly not vote for?
If I was a member of Barça... With that kind of approach it's not possible for me to answer this.

All your possessions are at stake. Give the top-3 of the elections on 13 June.
I'm not putting in play my personal estate nor my pen. I just give my opinion. Rosell first, Soriano second, Benedito third.

Thank you for this interview and your time. Good luck in covering the rest of the season and the elections.

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  2. well, let's say he knows what he wants and is straight-forward. i might like it. and he has been very, very correct towards us.

    i'm very grateful he took time for the blog, he's really famous in spain and certainly in catalonia. he's an actor, has worked as tevision show host and now he mainly has his afternoon radio show.