Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Slogan: Sandro Rosell

"We're all Barça"

'Tots som Barça' would become the main campaign slogan that will be used by Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell ahead of the elections in June

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  1. good slogan.
    close to mes que.

  2. Think it's a boring slogan, honestly. And not original at all. The typical "Vote me, I'll unite all of us, no matter what you think, I'll be there for you". Like the current stream that is popular in politics: "I'm above party-politics". Du-huh...

    The thing is you can't satisfy everyone, you need to make choices in life, and even more when you're president of a club like Barça. You need the guts to disappoint people. Otherwise you'll just stay there winding around trying to please everyone and in the end not making decisions at all, or making decisions that are only based on not angering anyone, which are mostly bad ones.

    And apparently his campaign director is a big fan of Espanyol... Didn't he say last week Barça is a "feeling" and not an industry? Apparently the elections sure aren't about feeling but only about winning...

  3. So resuming, the slogans would be:

    "+Barça" (read as "More Barça")

    "We're all Barça"

    "We know how to do it" (although that might not be the main slogan)

  4. Hi all its being dismised By MD that the Español Guys from El Terrat are being in chrage of Rosell's accounts: http://tinyurl.com/yjk5wty.
    On the other hand bleive when you get to this slogan is after you did a very long Brain storming, in fact it is the first slogan that comes up to my head, if I ever had to run for presidency, believe it is very much aligned with what he represents, moderation, no politics just sport, not benefit from his public image, family,...so you canb't invent the wheel, as this are the values CULËS whants to hear, besides the sportive side, that of course very one is very unite towatrds Guardiola, Cantera,...

  5. Who believes MD, Nacho? They're campaigning for Rosell...

  6. i'm no sandrista or whatever its called but i think the slogan is good, its more catchy when said in catalan for sure (not so powerful translated in english) but the message of inclusivity is pretty clever.