Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rosell most popular candidate on Facebook

Three months before the elections for president of FC Barcelona, former Barcelona sports vice-president Sandro Rosell is the most popular presidential candidate on social networking site Facebook, both regarding his personal profile page, as regarding his support page.

Personal pages
Sandro Rosell: 5.001
Agustí Benedito: 3.551
Jaume Guixà: 2.632
Alfons Godall: 1.899
Jaume Ferrer: 1.132

Fan or group pages
Sandro Rosell: 6.981
Alfons Godall: 6.841
Agustí Benedito: 1.805
Jaume Guixà: 481
Jaume Ferrer: 301

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  1. note 1:
    there was yesterday a crossfire of suggestions between the rosell and the godall camp about the other one investing money in facebook (as someone read it: paying to get more friends/fans).

    note 2:
    rosell yesterday reached the facebook limit of 5.000 friends.

    note 3:
    it should be mentioned that xavier sala i martin, the number two of the godall candidacy has also reached the limit of 5.000 friends. this happened already two years back and he would have had 16.000 more requests (number not confirmed) since then.

  2. Aquest blog de sandristes no té cap sentit.
    Tot sempre és a favor d'en Sandro.

  3. home, son datos objetivos...

    no tenemos la intención de agradar a nadie, solamente informar. en todo caso, cuando los sandristes te llaman godallistes y cuando los godallistes te llaman sandristes, nembé! (as a non-sandrista would say...) :-)

  4. Es el primer lugar dónde veo las cifras bien explicadas (página personal/página de fans no pueden sumarse, como han hecho algunos, porque muchos apoyos son repetidos)y también dónde el ranking está bien hecho, por número de apoyos (otros han puesto a Godall y Ferrer por delante, con sumas extrañas y otros criterios conocidos por todos).

  5. translation:

    - the first anonymous says this is a blog of "sandristas" and that everything is in favour of rosell. my reply says that at least this post is only about numbers, so there can't be a lot of manipulation there (although some spanish media making manipulative sums...) and that when "sandristas" are saying you're a "godallista" and the other way around, you're probably doing a good job when the plan is to inform people neutrally.

    - the second anonymous says that this is the first place where he/she sees the numbers well explained and clearly ranked. my reply... well, you all get that one...

  6. thanks for translating pep.
    was wondering what you guys were talking about lol