Sunday, June 13, 2010

20:00 - 21:00

Marc Ingla accompanied his wife and former director Claudia Vives-Fierro when she cast her vote this afternoon.

Press conference Josep Cubells (board secretary) and Joan Oliver (chief executive): "This is a record number of voters. We hope to announce the final result at 11 pm tonight."

At 20 pm, 52.953 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 44,62%. In 2003, there were 46.812 people, which was 49,62%.

People shouting "president, president!" when Guardiola casts his vote. The coach doesn't make any statement.

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has cast his vote.

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  1. I think that we will never know for whom did Pep Vote,even if the man he voted for will be our president because its Pep.