Sunday, June 13, 2010

17:00 - 18:00

Joan Boix (candidacy Jaume Ferrer): "We're very happy with the turn-out, seems we're gonna have a record number of voters, which is good for the legitimacy of the new president."

Albert Perrin (candidacy Jaume Ferrer): "The turn-out is very high, a little surprising but very good for the club. We're realistic but working for Jaume being the next president. I think there has been quite a lot of manipulations during the campaign, but that's how it is, we should look forward. This is democracy."

Marc Ingla giving an interview at the Camp Nou.

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola is expected to vote at 8 pm.

Victor Munoz (former player and coach): "I decided my vote on my personal contacts."

Press conference Josep Cubells (board secretary) and Joan Oliver (chief executive): "We received one formal complaint by Jaume Ferrer and we quickly solved the matter, as we did with other problems we were informed about."

At 5 pm, 37.801 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption rate of 31,85%. In 2003, there were 31.352 voters, which was 33,23%.


  1. Søren MortensenJune 13, 2010 at 5:32 PM

    When do the polls close?
    Will there be any preliminary results tonight?

  2. Supposedly around 11 pm tonight we should know who won

  3. lol, EL MUNDO DEPORTIVO has a video asking people and it seems that everyone they spoke with said Rosell.

  4. polls close at 9 pm, soren. there will be an exit poll right after that, which should be fairly reliable since they plan to poll 2.800 voters. the official winner is expected to be announced around 11 pm, as IBES says.