Sunday, June 13, 2010

12:00 - 13:00

Josep Maria Bartomeu (candidacy Sandro Rosell): "I'm happy with the turn-out. We don't have any polls, we'll wait."

Barcelona president Joan Laporta surrounded by people when doing a walk around the stadium.

Former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart (2000-2003) has voted.

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer voting earlier today.

Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell voting earlier today.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta voting earlier today.

Agustí Benedito: "We hope to cause some upset. Or some joy, depends how you look at it. What is clear is that if Sandro Rosell doesn't win, we will."

Josep Cubells (board secretary): "I didn't yet vote, I'm controlling everything what is happening. There are very few problems. I will vote later today when there are fewer people."

Josep Maria Minguella (candidate in 2003, this year part of the pre-candidacy of Santiago Salvat): "I think there are a lot of undecided voters. Many people asked me who to vote for."

Ingla: "I'm confident but one has to be modest. It's a tight game and the final outcome is unsure. The members have the last word."

At 12 pm, 12.937 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 10,90%. The total number is higher than in 2003, the percentage is lower (more than 13% in 2003).

Oriol Bueno (candidacy Agustí Benedito): "This is a great day for the club, we have the hope to be elected today."

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