Sunday, June 13, 2010

18:00 - 19:00

Two former Catalan presidents have voted this afternoon: Josep Pujol (1980-2003) was accompanied by Sandro Rosell, while Pasqual Maragall (2003-2006) was accompanied by Marc Ingla.

Xavier Sala i Martin (treasurer): "I think everything is going well. I have nothing to say about the campaign, the members are voting now and that's it. I'm coming here to vote and later to assist the game of Barcelona Atlètic."

Nunez: "This is an important day for the club. I think it was a good campaign. What I expect from the next president? First I should know who the next president is."

Former Barcelona president Josep Lluis Nunez (1978-2000) has cast his vote.

Agusti Benedito posing with Barcelona fans in the surroundings of the Camp Nou.

Marc Ingla: "This day is passing very quickly. I'm walking around the whole time, greeting fans and it's all very emotional. We have good feelings, it's clear the undecided voters have come out to vote. We have to congratulate the club for the organization. A little bad point were the Boixos Nois hooligans insulting people and cheering in favour of a candidate."

Marc Carrasco (candidacy Agustí Benedito): "The turn-out is great and shows how unique this club is. The people react well to Agusti and shows that we have done a good job."

80% from the voters until now are from the province of Barcelona, 11% from the rest of Catalonia, 5% from the rest of Spain and 4% come from abroad.

Manel Arroyo (candidacy Sandro Rosell): "It was a nice campaign, with a lot of contact with the fans. The energy you receive from the people makes you go on."

At 6 pm, 42.325 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption rate of 35.67%. In 2003, there were 35.165 voters, which was 37.27%.

Benedito: "I'm receiving a lot of support of the fans. I think they are aware that these elections are important for the future of the club. I think we're doing well, let's see if that will be confirmed later."


  1. Pep, who are you?!?! after months and months...following your blog - I have to ask - How old are you, where are you from, do you get paid for running this blog, where do you get all the pics and inside news, do you speak catalan..

    and how can I donate money for your outstanding work...brilliant, absoloutly brilliant!!

  2. I agree. This has been a fantastic blog for english speaking Culés. Rosell was the only name I had been familiar with but after reading various interviews posted throughout this blog I've become a fan of Benedito. I was pleasantly surprised that he gained enough signatures to be on the ballot and now I'm hoping he can somehow gain the presidency.

  3. thanks, guys :-)

    i'm just a culé wanting to inform other culés about the elections. i know it's not easy to follow things if you're having to watch it from a distance and don't know spanish and/or catalan. and i've learned a lot too during those months and got a lot of contacts, so everybody happy :-)

    and no, i don't get paid and i don't need donations either. if you want to thank me for my work by a donation, give something to a local charity or buy your mother or girlfriend some flowers :-)

  4. if we buy flowers, they will think we did something wrong.

  5. then wait until you do something wrong and buy her an extra big bouquet.