Sunday, June 13, 2010

16:00 - 17:00

Albert Vicens (candidacy Marc Ingla): "This is a great moment for the club. Marc is still in and around the stadium, greeting the members and giving interviews. How more members are coming to vote, how greater this club us. The club has done a good job in attracting the members and their families to come to the Camp Nou."

There are 120 electoral tables were people can go and cast their vote. The tables are ranked according to the name of the voters, in alphabetical order.

The stadium is open and the fans can walk around the pitch.

Lluís Bassat (runner-up in 2000 and 2003): "I'm very happy to have the chance to vote, this is what makes this club special. The campaign was quite short, but well-disputed. There were a lot of undecided voters, but in the end they won't change the result."

Marc Ingla and his team had a lunch in the Camp Nou.

At 3 pm, 34.524 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption rate of 29,09%. In 2003, there were 29.009 voters, which was 30,75%.

Montal: "I've voted for who can be the best president after Joan Laporta. Whoever will be the new president, I hope he will have a lot of success."

Former Barcelona president Agustí Montal (1969-1977) has cast his vote.


  1. im back.
    i thought you were Catalan Pep cause you seem to always have the inside news about FCB.
    Do you have any info on who's leading the race at this moment?

  2. there are several rumours. just prepare for rosell being the new president.