Monday, June 14, 2010

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Rosell: "I thank my family, my team and the volunteers who helped during the campaign. I thank the people to trust in me. I won't fail. I will never forget I'm just another club member. Visca el Barça i Visca Catalunya!"

Rosell: "What a long day it has been... First I want to congratulate the club member. The club member has won today. The high turn-out shows that the member wanted to speak out. Today starts a dream for me. I want a Catalan Barça, an open Barça, a solidary Barça."

Cubells: "We declare Alexandre Rosell i Feliu the winner of the elections and the new president of FC Barcelona."

Board secretay Josep Cubells ready to officially announce the results of the vote in the pressroom. Sandro Rosell and his board sitting front-row.


  1. with the winner of the elections officially known, this blog comes to an end. it has been a pleasure to write for you. i hope you've enjoyed it as much as i did. i thank the people who have done some translating and all of you for reading.

    take care, and visca el barça!

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  2. Thanks man. I left a note on the other entry about using the photo and comments on a story for a penya site. So what's next besides going to bed? Tranfers blog of 2010???

    Muchisimas gracias por todos Pep el misterioso

  3. Thenk you for everything pep. You can't imagine how helpfull u've been. Good luck and i hope u'll come back with another delicious blog about Barca like this one . You take care too.

  4. Rosell win and you close the blog in the same day? Ouch! A day to forget :)

    But we will have to support Rosell now and hopefully he shows that we -those who didnt like him as a candidate- were wrong. One of the rare times a man can wish being wrong.

    Thanx Pep for the great blog. Hope you will not start a similar one (about elections) before 6 years! I am sure you will find some other Barca stuff to write about.

    You can run, but you cant hide. And you know it!

  5. Thank you pep for this incredible blog! It's been very insightful, and I learned a lot of new things. Good luck and hope you write more about Barca.

  6. Thank you Pep for an incredible blog. I've been following it for some time now, and it is sad to see it end.

  7. I'm glad I've been able to contribute to this great blog.
    thanks for all your dedication and hard work

  8. thanks to all the people that made this amazing work available to us :D

  9. Thanks for the blog hopefully you keep writing about barca

  10. Please allow me to thank all this BLOG team from myself personally and on behalf of the whole BarcaMania team (teh leading Barca community in former USSR). You did a marvellous job guys, this blog was an extremely helpful, informative and great place to visit and to be sure You have all the latest, hottest, true news about elections!
    Thank You!!

  11. Thank you Pep for an incredible blog

  12. I am a little late but let me also say it.

    Thanks, Pep. The coverage has been comprehensive and very educational. I am just waiting for the next blog you are going to start. Do put a post or a comment somewhere around here to let us know when that happens.

  13. Oh man...
    another year and another goodbye to Pep..sigh.
    we'll be patiently waiting for your next blog Pep.
    All the best in your career. And many thanks!

  14. Hey pep ! It's my turn to thank you for this great blog !!! I miss you m8 so I'm looking forward to your new blog !!! Visca Barca y Visca Total Football !!!!

  15. Once again thanks. I've read 95% of notes.
    Greetings from Poland :)

  16. Thank you Pep,

    for your contribution to spread Barca news, this time regarding the elections, to all the fans worldwide, who cant speak spanish and cant find all the news stories, like you have collected and translated, for all of us.

    Every thing has to come to an end, but I know for sure that you aint done quite yet, to spread Barca news. Im looking forward to your next project, whatever that will be, and whenever that will be. As an innovator in this field I guess you will do something new and creative.

    Keep it coming :D Thanks again... I'll be waiting