Sunday, June 13, 2010

11:00 - 12:00

Rafael Yuste (sports vice-president): "It's a great day for the club. I hope Jaume wins and that this model can continue."

All four candidates have now cast their vote.

Ingla was accompanied by key members of his team, in the first place Ferran Soriano, Albert Vicens and Alfons Godall.

Marc Ingla casts his vote at 11:44.

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The club members could get two free tickets for tonight's game Barcelona Atlètic-Sant Andreu at the Miniestadi. The club informs that there aren't any tickets left.

Benedito: "I'm sure Sandro Rosell won't win because the favorite never wins."

At 11 am, 6.171 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 5,20%. This percentage is a record, higher than in 2003 (4,46%) and 2000 (4,46%).

Press conference Josep Cubells (board secretary) and Joan Oliver (chief executive): "Apart from some little things, everything is going normally."

Ferran Soriano: "Marc is calm. It has been a complicated campaign, but we can't change anything now. We're waiting the result now and we'll accept it."

Marc Ingla at the Camp Nou.

Benedito: "Over the last days, we've received a lot of support and I'm convinced I will be president."

Benedito: "I'm very happy. The elections are a key moment in the life of a club member."

Agustí Benedito has casted his vote at 11:04.

Laporta: "It's an emotional day. I feel as if I'm finishing a job well-done. I think we're leaving the club when it's at a peak, the best club in the world, a world-wide reference."

Laporta being interviewed at Barça TV.

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