Sunday, June 13, 2010

10:00 - 11:00

Ferrer: "I thank president Laporta for his support. He thinks I'm the best guarantee for this model to continue."

Ferrer: "I'm very happy, it's a nice day. I thank all the members who are coming to vote."

Jaume Ferrer has casted his vote at 10:52. Some people shouting "Jaume president."

Rosell: "I hope from tomorrow on, we're all united. We don't want to divide."

Rosell: "We should be very careful until the vote ends, we won't make any statements. We'll see this evening."

Marc Ingla and Ferran Soriano outside the Camp Nou, together with members of their candidacy (Carmé Miró and Victor Font).

Rosell has casted his vote at 10:29, toghether with his wife and his parents. After his vote, a few people shouted "Sandro president!"

Godall: "The four key members of our candicay - Marc, Ferran, Albert and myself - will vote together."

The press waiting for Rosell are cheering because he's already more than 20 minutes too late.

Ferrer: "I'm calm and happy. It's a special day for the club and I hope that a lot of people will vote. I see that everything is well-organized and things are going as they should."

Jaume Ferrer will cast his vote in 15 minutes, at 10:30 am.

Agustí Benedito announces that he will vote around 11 am.

At 10 am, 2.487 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 2,10%. In 2003, there were 2.947 voters at 10 am.

Ingla: "I will vote between 11 am and 12 pm. Will I win? It's up to the members to decide that. At this moment I'm a candidate."

Jaume Ferrer is also inside the stadium to cast his vote. Ferrer is waiting for his wife to arrive so they can vote together.

The media are waiting for Sandro Rosell, who is expected to cast his vote at 10 pm.


  1. thanks pep for updating.
    im lucky enough to be 6 hours ahead so i was able to wait for your posts and follow "live" :)

  2. you're welcome, barca96 :-)

  3. have you voted yet pep?

    btw im with ramzi.
    thank you for everything Laporta!!!
    im really scared things will go downwards from tomorrow. it has been a great for the past 6 years! stability.

  4. i'm not in barcelona so i can't vote... :-)