Friday, May 21, 2010

Godall resigns as director ahead of the elections

Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall has this morning offerred his resignation as director of the club in a letter that he personally delivered to the secretary of president Joan Laporta. As Godall explains on his Facebook page, his resignation will be officially accepted during the board meeting on Monday.

Godall is part of the presidential candidacy of former Barcelona vice-president Marc Ingla and according to the statutes of the club, the directors who want to be officially part of a candidacy must resign some weeks before the elections. The other board members who will participate in the elections are expected to resign at the start of next week.

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  1. hey pep you ever think of doing a post just on your thought on the season???

  2. if people ask me, i think of it ;-) but i stop doing that after three seconds because with the elections i don't have time anyway... :-)

    and in general i'm not really an opinion guy. first because i don't really think my opinion is necesarily more important than the one of each one of us (although of course - like all of us - i think i know best...). and second because my english isn't good enough to really express what i want to say.

  3. Pep, I have been reading your blogs for 2 yrs and I think your opinion would be a more informed one than that of any of us. You have access to information and also a better basis for rationalising it since you have been reading these papers(and other sources) for a while and know their biases, their general inclinations and their ratcheting it up of "Morbo", instinct for rumours, etc.

    But having said that what I love about your blogs is that your manner of presentation leaves out the slightest inkling of personal prejudice(i think the importance of this is not as evident at totalbarça), the fact that you present things in such a way that you dont think your opinion is important.

    So yeah, things are great as they are but it is nice to hear your point of view once in a while, in the comments or maybe you can have a dedicated weekend analysis post where you present your opinion.

  4. are you trying to make me emotional, kamikaze? you won't succeed!

    and i honestly don't have time for a good analysis, guys, not even a weekly one. i'll just keep on answering your questions in the comment section. maybe some weeks/months after the elections i'll write down my thoughts about everything that has happened during the campaign.

  5. so you will continue this blog after the elections, or will you start a new one?

  6. no, erin, this blog will stop and i have no plans for a new one... :-)

  7. It's sad news. I was hoping that you already have a plan for another Barça blog that focuses on a specific topic after barcaelections2010.

  8. maybe we'll be back in 2016, chris. or who knows i'm changing my mind after a holiday of two weeks... ;-)