Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Quotes: Plaza, Salvat, Rosell, Ingla, Ferrer

"None of the candidates can claim the successes of the team."

Alexis Plaza

"We have received information that Marc Ingla and Jaume Ferrer will end up making a deal."

Santiago Salvat

"Henrique and Keirrison? We will see what the audits say about the transfers of those two players."

Sandro Rosell

"It seems a contradiction that mister Rosell talks about financial austerity while his campaign headquarters are almost as big as two football fields, including television studios and hair dressers."

Marc Ingla

"In our polls we have three times the percentage of votes than in the poll of El Periódico and Sport, we're ahead of Ingla and the percentage of Rosell is dropping."

Jaume Ferrer

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  1. These qoutes are great !

    Rosell has a problem with the signing of Henrique and Keirrison, 2 Brazilian players ? Does that mean they aren't sponsored by Nike?

    Ingla is targetting Rosell a lot more than Ferrer.

  2. what is the context of rosells quote???

  3. @ kamikaze

    thanks! these are mostly quotes from press conferences, press releases, radio or television interview, meetings with members, etc that have too little substance to make a separate post.

    ingla is targetting rosell a lot more than ferrer. yeah, maybe. although those quotes of course don't give the full picture. guess ferrer is more battling ingla now trying to becoming the challenger of rosell.

  4. @ sirius

    there's not really much context. refering to future audits is kind of his standard answer when journalists ask him about things like this.

  5. i am with rosell with this one.
    ive always suspected something going on with these traffic dealings. pep certainly didnt want those players.