Monday, May 17, 2010

Do you speak Catalan or Spanish?

With less than four weeks before the elections, the news is rapidly multiplying in the coming days and weeks.

And since my time is limited, we are looking for some people who would like to give a hand every now and then during the decisive weeks of the campaign by translating some Catalan or Spanish texts to English. The time you're translating, I can write other stories for the blog.

Your task would be very clear, you don't have to look up anything, you don't have to write an original story, you'll get the information necesary and you can translate the text.

The time you invest in it is of course totally up to you (and it's anyhow only until 13 June), deadlines won't be tight (the most urgent texts I'll translate myself) and we'll help out with problems that could appear during translating.

You for sure shouldn't be perfect in those languages, none of them are my mother-tongue either. Let's say you should be able to understand Spanish and Catalan and be able to write a text in English that is readable.

If you are interested, you can put your email address in the comment section or mail us at:

barcaelections2010 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thanks in advance!


  1. note:
    especially people who also speak catalan would be very welcome. others too of course...

  2. contact me at @lmatarivero, hablo español e ingles

  3. I'm Catalan, I speak catalan, but my English is bad, I'll try translating.

  4. @lmatarivero:
    personal message sent...

    sent you a friend request on facebook...

    thanks to both of you for now!