Friday, May 21, 2010

Txiki: "My future will depend on new president"

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain gave an interview to the club's official media.

Your career as sports director will end on 13 June?
That will depend on the new president. There are many questions that a president should ask the sports director and vice versa. If they give him the opportunity.

Do you want to continue or you've had enough?
I don't have a burn-out. We're again at the stage of building a new squad and I am very happy doing that, independent of whether I will continue or not. I'm very happy with the job. I like it a lot, I enjoy it, even though deciding who comes and who doesn't is sometimes difficult. But always with the certainty that you know you have the support of the coach. It will depend a lot on the new president.

There are already some candidates who have expressed their intention of keeping you.
Yes, but I have many more questions to ask than I did in 2003. Because of the experience, I feel a lot more secure and I have the advantage that I can ask a lot more questions to the new president. Because this job is not easy.

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  1. Why did they ask him about 13 June? Won't he stay until 30 June?

  2. he probably will. let's say 13 june could be the "symbolic" end for him.

  3. Perhaps they cannot make any other deals after June 13 under the statutes?

  4. they can, IBES. they have full power until 30 june. of course it would be good if they talk with the new president and his future board members before making some decisions after the elections.