Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Son Camp Nou architect could lead remodelling

The candidacy of Barcelona presidential candidate Santiago Salvat has today announced their plan to remodell the Camp Nou stadium. The candidacy rejects the Foster project and proposes a new remodelling plan that would be carried out by Catalan architect Joan Pau Mitjans [picture], the son of the architect of the stadium, Francesc Mitjans.

The plan is to add 15.526 seats to the stadium, of which more than 15.000 will be for club members. The renewed Camp Nou would that way have 113.998 seats. The remodelling would cost 90 to 95 millon euros and would be financed through the pre-payment of the season-tickets for four seasons by the club members who would obtain one of the new seats.

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  1. How much does a season ticket cost a year for a club member of Barca?

  2. Are there really club members who will buy a ticket for 4 seasons all at once?

  3. @ anonymous:

    don't really know, check the official website.

  4. @ kamikaze:

    i think so, yes. they have a huge waiting list, so if it would cost 4 seasons to get in for the rest of their lives (and they can give the season-ticket to their children later), a lot will be very happy to pay. and they said something about making an arrangement with a bank, but that wasn't really clear.