Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poll result: Who would you vote for?

Who would you vote for as president of Barça?

Sandro Rosell 54,8%
Marc Ingla 12,4%
Jaume Ferrer 9,9%
Santiago Salvat 1,6%
Agustí Benedito 1,4%
Alexis Plaza 0,4%
Jaume Guixà 0,3%

Others 1,0%
None 1,3%
Won't vote 2,3%
Don't know/Don't answer 14,9%

total votes: 800
date poll: 16 may 2010
poll method: interviews with club members who have the right to vote by polling agency Gesop in the surroundings of the Camp Nou around the time of the league game against Valladolid

source: el periódico and sport

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  1. some other results:

    - 98% of the people polled know sandro rosell, 82,9% know ingla and 82,7% know ferrer. guixà (56,9%), benedito (50%), salvat (48,6%) and plaza (41,6%) are less known

    - 57,9% wants a board of change, 33,1% a board of continuity

    - 73,4% says to be in favour of the management by the current board, 22,3% is not

    - 70,3% thinks laporta has been a good president, 26,1% thinks he hasn't been

  2. A quick scroll down this blog shows just how misleading these polls can be. 800 people outside the Camp Nou on one particular match day may not be an accurate cross section of the tens of thousands who will vote in a month's time

  3. 73,4% is in favour of the management by the current board, but 57,9% wants a board change.
    It's a bit odd.

  4. @adam:

    i agree with you. like you suggest we had yesterday a poll of 2003 (exactly the same number of days before the elections, only difference is that the 2003 poll asked 500 people for their vote, this one asked 800 people) and bassat got 48% while laporta did not get one single vote. even the gate where you carry out a poll probably can have a significant impact on the result.

    said that, it's obvious that rosell is in the lead, and very much so. now it is up to the other candidates to see how they will deal with this. personally i think the television debates will be decisive. unless some bomb explodes...

  5. Is there usually television debate ? When shall we expect it .. and would it include all candidates or the main candidates only ?

  6. @ anonymous:

    there is talk about three television debates that will be held among the candidates that have passed the signatures' cut. possible dates: 4, 8 and 10 june. if there's a confirmation, we'll inform you.

  7. pep, pls do. great to be able to keep tabs on these things, thanks to you. could you do a live cover of the debates do you think? would be hard but you could at least summarize the points, since many of us that follow your blog dont understand catalan much.

  8. @ anonymous:

    if i can pick up at least the sound of the debate, i sure will :-)

  9. @ pep
    Who would you go for?? I just hope that Rosell won't win it, and such a shame that Godall ain't in it.

  10. Although Benedito seems to speek more than others ,for me he is a bit better than others.
    he looks rational.