Monday, May 17, 2010

The collection of the signatures has started

Barcelona's official website reports that several Barcelona presidential candidates came to the Camp Nou this morning to ask the club for the slips that can be used to collect the 2.095 signatures of the club members that are needed to become a candidate in the vote on Sunday 13 June (read more here).

People can get a number of slips for free - 4.190, twice the signatures needed - and if they want to have more, they need to pay for them. The candidates have asked the following number of slips: Sandro Rosell 60.000, Marc Ingla 40.000, Jaume Ferrer 25.000, Agustí Benedito 20.000, Santiago Salvat 12.000, Jaume Guixà 9.000 and Alexis Plaza 4.190.

Three pre-candidates that didn't yet announce before that they have the intention to run for president of FC Barcelona also formally asked for slips. Francesc Liñan and Ferran Estrada asked for 4.190 slips, while Jordi Ruiz asked for 5.000 official papers that should be handed back to the club in two weeks with the signature of club members.

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  1. spanish news agency efe gave some other numbers: jaume guixà 8.400 and santi salvat 8.000

    barcelona news site eleccionsfcb also had some numbers that weren't the same as the ones reported by the club: santiago salvat 15.000 and alexis plaza 6.000

    alexis plaza himself has said in a press release he asked for 5.000 slips

  2. why ask for over 10,000 though?

  3. well, first rule is that you need a margin because you will always have false signatures and double signatures (members who give their signature to two or more candidates, which is not allowed).

    then candidates have several points were people can go and give their signature (rosell has for example 58 points all over catalonia where he collects signatures), so if you have more papers, you can spread them better over all those points and make sure you don't run out of slips at one of these places.

    some also might do a mailing, so then you're also not sure you'll get the slips back with a signature.

    and finally, getting a high number of signatures also can give an impact in the media or towards your opponents so that's why candidates are not just assuring the 2.095 signatures but are also trying to get in pole-position or climb up a few spots ahead of the final vote.

  4. aha, thanks for the reply.