Monday, March 8, 2010

Laporta wants exemplary elections

Speaking at a fan club meeting in the Catalan town of Sabadell, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said that he hopes for a model elecion process and repeated his support for the candidacy of Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall:

"We are starting an election process in which I cannot run and all we want is for the elections to be exemplary, that all those who run can compete on equal terms. We want elections that have the highest participation possible, in which the club member should decide.

The only thing I ask those who take part is to maintain the values that, in my opinion, the president and his board should have, namely experience, consistency, honesty and responsibility.

I think that I don't violate any rule when, as a club member, I say that in my opinion Godall has all the values I just mentioned and I can know this because being the president is not easy, it changes your life.

Godall, Sala i Martín and their team have the expertise that is needed to continue with this model, that we cannot squander. A model that has given us the current successes, and we're only a half-way.

We have a great ride ahead, in all aspects, and especially regarding the football team, since most of our players have a lot of years left. They are playing the football we love and which should be continued for a long time."

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