Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cartoon 27: Laporta brooding on election tactics

After having expelled Giralt, I have an even better idea...

Let's expell all the opposition candidates!

They should learn from this, as the prophet said!

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by kap

el mundo deportivo

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  1. note:

    the membership of oriol giralt (who was also the promotor of the 2008 vote of no confidence) was last week suspended for a year because he asked the public prosecutor to investigate a case involving barcelona president joan laporta (and former barcelona player and coach johan cruyff), something the public prosecutor dismissed after a first analysis of the documents handed to him.

  2. Could you tell us more about the case?

  3. i could... :-)

    1. barcelona closes a deal with mediapro about the television broadcasting rights

    2. johan cruyff, represented by the law firm of laporta, closes a deal with mediapro about acting as pundit

    3. catalan weekly "el triangle" claims that barcelona's deal with mediapro is worse than madrid's deal (contrary to what the club had said) and suggests that there's something dark about the cruyff deal because the fee would be too high for the services delivered

    4. giralt goes with the media reports to the public prosecutor

  4. If I'm not mistaken we had a deal with mediapro first, they reached an agreement with Madrid later. So it's very likely that Madrid's deal is a little bit better. But this is just speculation because the numbers were not made public.

  5. "worse" by the way also means that madrid would have a bank guarantee for the contract, while barcelona wouldn't have this.