Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Former player Belletti gives support to Rosell

Catalan sports player Sport claims that former Barcelona player Juliano Belletti supports the candidacy of Sandro Rosell ahead of the presidential elections in June. Belletti joined Barcelona in the summer of 2004 when Rosell was the club's sports vice-president. In 2007, he left for English Premier League club Chelsea.

Earlier this month, the 33-year old Brazilian right back defender said in an interview with Brazilian sports site UOL Esporte that he hopes to get a position at the club after he retires as an active player:

"Barcelona is the place where I want to live after having finished my career. Whenever I have time off, I'm going there. I have a house there, some businesses, friendships with the players, with the president. My wife also has friends there. I have the idea of becoming a sort of ambassador of Barcelona, working for the club, there or elsewhere. But a lot depends on what they offer you."

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  1. note:

    belletti seems to be quite active on twitter so i asked him there if he can confirm this news. let's see if he answers...

    maybe i have more chance if i put the question in portuguese so if one of you can translate this ("is it true that you support sandro rosell in the elections, as catalan sports paper 'sport' says today?") in portuguese, i could send it to him in portuguese too.

    the account of sandro rosell is in any case one of the 63 twitter accounts belletti is following.

  2. I think that giving his support to Rosell it's a bad move for him personally and for his aspirations ,because if Rosell doesn't win he probably won't get a job at the club. But on the other hand , he's supporting the candidate with the most chances in the polls.

  3. Here is a translation from my Brazilian friend Erika.

    É verdade que você está apoiando Sandro Rosell nas eleições, como publicado no jornal de esportes catalano "Sport"?

    As for Belletti, he is the type of players the club doesn't need to come back as an ambassador. Ambassador of the night clubs.

  4. thanks to you (and Erika), IBES! i just twittered it ( he hasn't yet been around today apparently.

  5. You're welcome. Hope he replies. Still haven't gotten around to that complicated legal stuff about the payments.